28 Regent Avenue, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4NJ
0113 2589330


Active Drumming is run by the father and son team of Steve Parker and Oliver Parker.

Since 2002 we have rhythmologised thousands of people in events ranging in size from a handful to over one thousand people all over the UK.

We have a team that is willing and able to cope with all situations and yet is small enough to provide a personal service for you.

Steve and/or Oliver facilitate all of the events so we take care of rhythmologising your group ourselves – we will never subcontract your special day to someone else!

Most events require just the two of us, however we have additional trained facilitators that work under our supervision for larger events when necessary.

We provide all the instruments – which can be drums, hand held percussion, Boomwhackers or junk percussion. It takes some careful packing but you will be amazed at how much gear we get in our van.

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to use rhythm to help people in groups of all sizes to relax, reduce stress and have fun while they are learning to listen, respond and co-operate with others. Becoming rhythmologised creates immediate and long lasting benefits in personal, health and work areas.


To the best of our knowledge our instruments are free of animal products so are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and should not offend any religious sensibilities. They are made using modern processes so have a minimal environmental impact – we have no drums carved from chunks of rainforest timber. Our drum-heads are made from long lasting and light-weight synthetic material that is easy for us to keep clean and in ideal tune so they sound good in the varying climate of the UK.