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A drum circle, drumming workshop, junk percussion or massed Boomwhackers will really make your family fun day go with a bang!

Relax, reduce stress, and have fun! Imagine a gathering of people in a circle watching the facilitator for the occasional direction, listening to the other players and feeling the group rhythm develop.

Soon they have moved from being perhaps strangers and beginner drummers to becoming members of a fully functioning percussion ensemble – and some probably thought they had no sense of rhythm!

When you watch our Drumming Workshop video you will see how an Active Rhythmology drumming workshop can work – but we have lots of different activities so please visit the Contact page to find our details and then get in touch.

By the time you have started to discuss how we can help, you will be well on the way to a successful event.

Children’s parties to veterans reunions – a drum circle is an event where people turn up, join in and become part of their own entertainment.

They make new friends, relax and express their rhythmical spirit.

Great fun, no previous skills required, all-inclusive and suitable for all ages.

Unlike African drumming or Samba Band where you have to play the part you are told to play, in an Active Rhythmology drum circle the facilitator encourages the players to contribute to the group at their own level and make up their own rhythms as they go along.

People may not know why the are getting on so well with each other because they are having so much fun.