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Corporate & Business

Looking for a corporate team building drumming conference energiser, meeting ice breaker, away day activity or need to put a fun indoor team building exercise in place? You can improve attitudes and bring life to your company when you let rhythm in!

An Active Rhythmology contribution to your corporate team building session encourages effective co-operation rather than competition amongst your staff.

You know it is always good to drum up new business and some of the benefits of our work include a happier more productive workforce, better rapport between staff across all levels and more creativity. Hand drumming is easy to do, so while people are having fun they don’t realise they are using drums to talk to others that they would normally ignore.

Breaking down barriers in this way can be seen to have the best effect across staff levels – when the caretaker, director and everyone else in-between find they can get along, be ready for some improvements in the corporate work culture.

Instead of African drumming, Samba Band or other single culture activity where parts have to be learned, imagine how our rhythm events allow all to easily take part and feel included, regardless of their natural musical ability.